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The SDC range is the exclusive and innovative sea water cooled boat air conditioner directly powered in 12 V or 24 V or 48 V (direct current) from the battery bank of your boat, without using a generator or inverter. The SDC units is a well designed and elegant product which offers the most simple and versatile installation.

The blower also can be rotated (same like the SSC modells) allowing many installation options according to the path of the air ducts. The best quality of the treated air is assured by the installation of an easily removable and washable filter. 


Our air conditioners are manufactured from durable materials using state-of-the-art technologies that ensure long service life and high quality. Each air conditioner unit is delivered in a pre-loaded condition, equipped with an eco-friendly cooling agent so no further installation or inspection is required for safe use after installation. MBC Marine also offers customers a wide range of accessories helping in selling and installing air conditioners. Among our products you can find air grilles, water pipes, circulating pumps as well as a wide range of accessories for professional installation.

Join us in the world of always pleasant and perfect thermal comfort!

MBC Marine
Smart Connect

With the MBC Marine Smart Connect, you can ensure the perfect temperature and fresh air supply for your boat at any time.

Either from your office or waiting at the red light. Imagine, how comfortable it would be if your boat welcomes you with the preset temperature.Your smartphone is always available, so all you have to do is connect to your boat’s air conditioning via the Internet and set the desired temperature.
Be it cooling or heating mode.

Mobile app available

Unit Parameters SDC-12 7000SDC-24 12000
Cooling capacityBtu/h700012000
Heating capacityBtu/h750012800
Power sourceDC-12VDC-24V
Input power (W)Cooling 540960
Amp Draw (A)Cooling2320
Air Flowm 3 /h350500
Dimension (mm)Height285285
Minimum Air Duct Size (mm)100125
Return Air Grille Size (cm 2 )215215
Supply Air Grille Size (cm 2 )415415
Net Weigt (kg)17.517.5

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