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SCP – Direct expansion Split systems

SCP - Direct expansion Split systems

MBC Marine – SCP units are direct expansion systems consisting into two separate units (condensing and ventilating units) which represent the ideal solution to serve the air conditioning needs of sailing and motor boats.

The use of split systems minimizes the noise level into the cabins because the compressor (condensing unit) can be installed outside of the living ambient and it represents also the optimal solution in those situations where there is not enough space to install a Self Contained system. The most typical installation is with the condensing unit placed into the engine compartment in order to isolate the noise from the compressor, while the ventilating unit is generally installed below the sofa or the bed or into a furniture inside one cabin. Condensing and ventilating units of a split system are connected each other by mean of insulated copper refrigerant pipes. SCP units come with a standard of 2.5 m long insulated pipes; it is also possible to increase the distance between the two parts of the air conditioners up to 7-8m. For such long distances, it is suggested to contact MBC technical department to ask for suggestions.

SCP systems are available in 4 models ranging from 10,000 to 24,000 BTU / h cooling capacity. Thanks to the heat pump design (reverse cycle operation) they provide the most convenient solution for an all-round year use. SCP units are carefully designed to be lightweight and compact and for a quick and easy installation in any suitable room of every boat.

MBC Marine – SCP type air conditioning systems are provided with an elegant LCD backlighted digital control panels as part of the standard kit. These units are equipped with easy-to-remove and washable air filters to ensure constant filtration and the best quality of the internal air. To make the connection of the air ducts to the air conditioner the easiest one, the blower can be rotated allowing many installation options.

All SCP units are manufactured from durable materials – all metallic components are made in stainless steel

3 operation mode: Cool - Heat - Fan

• 5-speedfanspeedsection
• High&lowpressureprotection
• Overloadprotection
• Compressor3-minutesdelayedstartfunction • Humiditycontrol
• Memoryfunctions:TimerONorOFF

• Sleep & alarm function
• Condenser coil with high-efficiency spiral double tube

allows high-heat exchange rate.
• Freely adjustable air outlet.
• Rust resistant components by using stainless steel • Nikkel Antimicrobial Evaporators
• High static pressure ball bearings blowers with auto

AISI316 - and using the most advanced state-of-the-art technologies which ensure long service life and high quality. Each air conditioner unit is delivered fully tested in our factory and in a pre-loaded condition, filled with an eco-friendly cooling agent. No further installation or inspection is required for safe use after installation.


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