About Us

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MBC marine is a Hungarian company manufacturer of marine air conditioners.
Our products are made in EU, we work with high-quality components and tested our units for 2 years already – and all of our products have CE and TÜV certificate. 

One of our significant advantage is, that we have all models on stock!

All of them are available with heat pump operation (cooling and heating). Besides of the air conditioners, we provide all the accessories needed for the installation of the full air conditioning system into any kind of boats, such as grilles, ducts, pumps and so on; our technical commercial department will be happy to assist you in order to choose the ideal air conditioning system to be installed in your projects, basing on the general layout of the boat and on the owners’ desires.
Our units are carefully designed to be lightweight and compact, for a quick and easy installation and are provided with an elegant LCD backlight digital control panel supplied as a part of the standard installation kit. 

Our range of products includes direct expansion systems available in self contained and split version, having cooling power from 6.000 BTU/h up to 24.000.

All units are available immediately, moreover we have spare parts and accessories, too.
Please, visit our website, where you can find all technical info of our product range.

Simply Cool

  • A basic function of our body is to create a pleasant thermal comfort: this is why we sweat when we are hot and find ourselves shivering when we are cold. This function may seem so natural us that it only appears in extreme circumstances how bad the lack of it is to our well-being. We believe that time spent on the sea is a lifestyle, where the boat is our living space. Therefore it is imperative to have an always homely environment surrounding us: for this it is essential to create the right temperature.

Simply Easy

  • Join us in the world of always pleasant and perfect thermal comfort! MBC Marine air conditioners are designed to meet the needs of shipyards and boat owners, whether these are electric, sailing or motorboats. Our product range includes two main types of air conditioning systems ranging from 3500 to 24000 BTU / h, but we also offer customized devices – in individual sizes.
    Our air conditioners are manufactured from durable materials using state-of-the-art technologies that ensure long service life and high quality.  Each air conditioner unit is delivered in a pre-loaded condition, equipped with an R410A eco-friendly cooling agent so no further installation or inspection is required for safe use after installation.

Simply Professional!

  • At the time of founding  our business, our primary goal was set  that MBC Marine should be not only a product distributor but also a reliable partner in the field of boat air conditioning  equipments. Our many years of experience, professional machine park and qualified staff guarantee that not only the purchase of the product, but also its installation, setup, maintenance and servicing will be in safe hands with us.