MBC Marine also offers customers a wide range of accessories helping in selling and installing air conditioners. Among our products you can find air grilles, water pipes, circulating pumps as well as a wide range of accessories for professional installation. 

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Water pumps

magnetic driven pumps

The Magnetic Circulation pump is a centrifugal drive pump, eliminating the need for a shaft seal. Pumps are serviceable with a screwdriver. The pump is able to be run fully submerged or in open air for complete moisture protection. It also can pump liquids with a specific gravity greater than water, have a higher viscosity.

Magnetic drive circulation pump is running on the shaft and impeller assembly of magnetic materials and attracted to each other coupled respectively ,don’t need to match with the traditional mechanical shaft seal, so it is completely sealed. 
Motor rotation toque is through active magnetic and driven magnetic gravity drive blade work operation.It is the most ideal liquid pump on boat industrial equipment. 

Water Pump Accessories


Among our products you can find a wide range of accessories for professional installation.                                                                                                           

yellow brass reducer

seawater discharge

female hose conector

Y - B joint

sea water intake

hose clamps

water strainer

male hose conector

ball valve